Gastouderbureau Toppie currently has the following vacancies open:

Independent mediation officer (ZZP)

Start jouw eigen vestiging van Gastouderbureau Toppie

Independent mediation officer (ZZP)

Various regions

What do we offer?

Working as a mediator and becoming an entrepreneur? Then start your own establishment of Gastouderbureau Toppie in your region. Discover the benefits of a collaboration.

  • Support
    A professional team is ready for all your entrepreneurial questions.
  • Online information system
    Dankzij Opvangapp van De Gastoudercentrale heb je altijd de juiste informatie en tools binnen handbereik.
  • Marketing Resources
    Once started, you will receive an extensive package of marketing resources from us.
  • Training
    Before you get started, you follow an extensive multi-day training course that lays the foundation for the mediation work.
  • Cooperation
    We would like to listen to your input and together we will go for even more quality.

What do we expect from you?

As an independent mediation officer you have a large number of responsibilities. As a consultant between parent and childminder, but also as an entrepreneur. We like to recognize the following characteristics and experiences:

  • Personality
    Enterprising, social and meticulous are important qualities for an independent mediation officer.
  • Dedication
    Commitment and dedication are important, even if things don't seem to come naturally.
  • Experience
    A diploma with a pedagogical interface at MBO-3 level is a minimum requirement.
  • Time commitment
    Your own childminder agency takes a lot of time and becomes the most important activity of your week.
  • Financial space
    Building a customer base takes commitment and time, with which income will have to be built up over time.

Interested? Apply directly and send us your cover letter and CV. We will contact you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need childcare experience?

No, this is not necessary. It is desirable that you enjoy dealing with children, it is ultimately about them. You also need a completed diploma at least MBO3 level. Preferably a diploma with a pedagogical interface, such as Agogic Work, Social Pedagogical Work or PABO. Don't have this? Then there are also options for following a training for mediation employee.

What is my work area?

Your region is determined in consultation with you. It should preferably choose the region where you live and where your social network is located. Not all regions are (yet) available for a new branch, please discuss this with the head office.

Can I combine this work with another job?

This is not recommended in most cases. The past shows that the best results are achieved when there is a good investment of time in the new venture. If the other job can be arranged flexibly and where you remain accessible to customers, there may be possibilities.

What are my working hours?

As a self-employed person, you can arrange your working hours flexibly. However, it is important that you are easily accessible to customers with questions. A fast response time is desirable in this industry. However, don't be afraid that you can no longer go on holiday, because the head office is ready for you during this period to pick up your work where necessary.

Where does my income come from?

You work as an independent entrepreneur (ZZP). You generate your income from the agreements you conclude between parent and childminder, for which a family pays office costs. These are charged for all mediation and administrative work that you and the head office perform. 

What I am going to earn?

You will work as an independent entrepreneur and are therefore responsible for your own income. These strongly depend on the time and effort you invest in your clientele. Experience shows that a skilled independent broker can reach a turnover level of € 10,000 per year after a year.

Is there a corporate identity that I must adhere to?

Yes, to maintain a uniform appearance you must adhere to the Toppie house style. We provide you with the necessary materials, such as printed matter, documents, educational resources and promotional material such as brochures.

What are the advantages of working with De Gastoudercentrale?

De Gastoudercentrale has been a pleasant partner of Gastouderbureau Toppie for years. Thanks to their administration system Opvangapp, the document system is in good order. De Gastoudercentrale also provides the annual statements according to the standards of the Tax Authorities and all payments are made through a secure third-party account. The Gastoudercentrale offers security to a host parent agency.

Am I thrown straight into the deep end?

No definitely not! In the beginning you will be intensively supervised by the employees of the head office. You get a two-day course that teaches you all the tricks of the trade. You will be taken by the hand in the pedagogical field, administratively and in the field of entrepreneurship. Laws and regulations are of course also discussed and you will be on the road during work on location (home visits) with experienced mediation staff.

Would you like to know more about starting your own childminder agency?

Gastouderbureau Toppie uses services such as registration, invoicing and other administrative actions supported by De Gastoudercentrale and the very user-friendly and complete administration system Opvangapp.