Childminding is a solution for many parents due to the small-scale and flexibility of the care. Childminding can take place at both the parent's and childminder's homes. For parents, it is very reassuring when their child is cared for in a safe and healthy environment. Because childminding is very flexible, many agreements can be tailored to the wishes of all parties in consultation with the childminder and the childminding agency.

Being a childminder at Gastouderbureau Toppie means:

  • Self-organized working days and times
  • Working with a simple administration system curated especially for childminders
  • Offer of new customers that suit you
  • Secure and transparent payments
  • Good accessibility of your own contact person
  • Educational e-learnings with the Toppie Academy
    Educational e-learnings with the Toppie Academy

Being a childminder at Gastouderbureau Toppie means:

  • Working with a simple administration system curated especially for childminders
  • Secure and transparent payments
  • Allocation of families that suit you
  • Working according to a flexible and self-organized schedule, coordinated with the parent
  • Good accessibility of your own contact person
  • Educational e-learnings with the Toppie Academy
    Educational e-learnings with the Toppie Academy

Download our brochure for childminders here!

Become a childminder and take advantage of our range of educational materials

Gastouderbureau Toppie offers its childminders various materials to support the pedagogical quality, including:

  • Magazine packs
    You will receive a package for your child(ren) from Gastouderbureau Toppie every six months. All you have to do is indicate which package you would like to receive!
    You get a wide choice of different magazines for all age groups. From discovering animals with Wakou or the Wapiti, beautiful illustrations and stories in Pumpkin, crafting with Handy Hands and Pippo for the little ones. All magazine packages are aimed at developing the child. Creativity, reading comprehension, acquiring knowledge, learning words and puzzles are part of every magazine.
  • Daily rhythm charts
    With the daily rhythm cards from Gastouderbureau Toppie you give more structure to the day. It is nice for children to have a clear picture of what the day will bring them. This gives peace and overview, and it offers structure.
  • Back-and-forth notebooks
    By using the back-and-forth notebooks that Gastouderbureau Toppie offers, the childminder can better keep track of and follow the development of the child.
  • Stickeralbum
    There is the Toppie sticker album for every child aged 2 and older. Stickers can be collected in this. As a childminder, you can use this remedy pedagogically, for example as a reward after cleaning up or for potty training.

Fun coloring pages for different ages!

Toppie-Academie (e-learnings)

Gastouderbureau Toppie likes to contribute to the development of its childminders. They are therefore given the opportunity to follow short e-learning courses, with various different subjects. There is always a theme that fits in with the childcare.
The e-learning consists of a theory part, practical assignments and a test. After successful completion, the childminder will receive a certificate for participation. The e-learning does not have to be completed in one go.

The following offer is available:

  • Exercise with children
  • Fire safety
  • Healthy food
  • Media education
  • TOS
  • Sleep safely

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Training to become a childminder

To get started as a childminder, you must meet certain conditions. For example, you must be in possession of a valid diploma, such as Helpende Zorg en Welzijn level 2. 

Indien je nog niet in het bezit bent van een  passend diploma, bestaat er een verkorte opleiding die je kunt volgen:

  • Diploma Route Rivor
    With the diploma route you will work independently and take the exams on location. There are several locations available for this. To follow this course you need at least 400 hours of babysitting experience in the past 2 years, or at least 100 hours if you have children of your own. Because you work independently on this course, you have a lot of freedom in scheduling exams. You can complete the course within a few months, if desired. For more information, click here.

The list below contains all the diplomas that qualify you to work as a childminder.

Diplomas at MBO-2, -3 or -4 level (also MDGO / MHNO / MSPO / Apprenticeship)

Helping broad 2

Helping social agogic work 2

Helping well-being 2

Helping Care and Welfare 2

Care Assistant


Activities supervisor (AB)

Activities supervisor (AB)

Agogic work (AW)

Deed head teacher of pre-primary education

Deed Kindergarten teacher A

Deed Kindergarten teacher B

Certificate of competence as a head teacher in pre-primary education

Certificate of competence as a kindergarten teacher

Certificate of competence as a teacher in pre-primary education

Occupational Therapy (AT)

A nurse

A nurse

B nurse

Diploma A (Nursing)

Diploma B (Nursing)

Cultural Work (CW)

Extramural healthcare (EMGZ)

Fit-out work (IW)

Specialized pedagogical employee 4 childcare

Child protection a

Child Protection B

Child Care and Education

Child Care/Youth Care (KV/JV)

Child care assistant (KV)

Childcare worker of the central council for children's broadcasting

Cultural work (KW)

Children's center leader (not from OVDB)

Leader of Children's Centers of the OVDB

Teaching assistant PO/SO (Primary education/special education)

Teaching assistant

Pedagogical employee 3 childcare

Pedagogical Worker 3 childcare

Pedagogical Worker 4 childcare

Pedagogical worker level 3

Pedagogical worker level 4

Residential Work (RW)

Social Agogic 2

Social Agogic II

Social-cultural work

Social Service Provider (SD)

Social care worker

Social Pedagogical Worker 3 (SPW-3)

Social Pedagogical Worker 4 (SPW-4)

Social-Cultural Worker (SCW)

Social Labor (SA or SA2)

Social Services (SD, SA SA1 or SAI)

Sport and Exercise (level 3 and 4)

Sports and Exercise Coordinator (Level 4)

Sports and Exercise Leader (Level 3)

SPW long

Vocational training as a leader of childcare centers (in accordance with the WEB)

Further Training in Employment (VSID) towards daycare centers


Nursing a

Nursing B

Nursing Z


Nursing (VP)

Nursing (VP)

Nursing a

Nursing B

Care professions (VZ)

Caregiver (VZ level 3 or VZ Lang)

Nurturing Individual Healthcare (VIG)

Care (VZ)


Mental health care

Diplomas at HBO level

Primary education certificate without main certificate (old teacher training course)

Certificate of qualification as head teacher(s)

Certificate of competence as a teacher or head teacher in nursery education

Certificate of competence as a teacher(s)

Certificate of competence as fully qualified teacher(s)

Certificate of competence N XI

Certificate of Competence to Provide Secondary Education in Physical Exercise

Application course for primary school teachers (as a follow-up to and in combination with kindergarten campaign A/B)

Application course fully qualified teacher(s)

Bachelor of Nursing

Creative therapy (including Mikojel)

Cultural Work (CW)

Cultural and Social Training (CMV), if this diploma has been obtained at an educational institution with due observance of the requirements set for this program by the Adult and Vocational Education Act (WEB) or the Higher and Scientific Education Act (WHW)

Dance teacher

Drama teacher

Teaching musician

Educational Therapy (Mikojel)

Extramural healthcare (EMGZ)\

Higher socio-pedagogical training of leaders in the field of youth education and community development


Fit-out work (IW)

Youth welfare work

Child care and child education

Child care and education

Creative Educational Work

Artistic training at HBO level (teaching direction within art education or artistic direction within teacher training), if this diploma was obtained at an educational institution with due observance of the requirements of the Adult and Vocational Education Act (WEB) or the Higher and Scientific Education Act (WHW) to this training.

Art therapy

Primary school teacher (at Hogeschool, PABO or IPABO)

Physical Education Teacher (ALO)

Secondary education teacher of first degree in drawing

Teacher Training Education

Teacher Training Nursing/Health Science

Teacher Training Care / Home Economics

Social Work (MW)

Social Work and Services (MWD)

NXX (according to the Secondary Education Act)

Pedagogy (HBO bachelor)

Pedagogy MO-A or candidate exam Pedagogy

Pedagogical management of childcare

Pedagogical Academy

Social Pedagogical Assistance (SPH)

Sport and movement


Foreign diplomas

Certified letter from the IDW (International Diploma Evaluation)

A foreign diploma is valid if it is valued as equivalent to a Dutch diploma that qualifies.

An application for credential evaluation costs € 148.83. If you want to apply yourself now, you can do so via the IDW website.


Inkomsten gastouderopvang

Guest parents at Gastouderbureau Toppie are free to determine their own hourly rate. If desired, Gastouderbureau Toppie can of course advise the childminder in this. The final income depends on the number of children that are taken care of and the number of hours that the childminder works.